Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Summertime Tots and Gardening Class

This summer the boys are taking a 6-week long preschool class through Paradise Parks and Recreation District called "Summertime Tots." It is being held at Bille Park because the Terry Ashe Center where it's usually held is being remodeled. In this class the kids play, do crafts, hear stories, and learn lots of great things. They also take a gardening class on Monday afternoons and a sports class on Wednesday afternoons.

This is a very sentimental class for me because it's James' third and final summer in Teacher Lori's preschool. This is also Owen's very first time in Teacher Lori's preschool! The class is supposed to be for 3-5 year olds, but I called Lori and got special permission to have Owen in the class. She says he is doing great at listening, participating, and using the potty when he needs to go. I feel so lucky to live in a community with so many fun activities available for my kids to participate in! James will miss taking these classes, but he'll still be able to see Teacher Lori in the future when we pick Owen up from her classes to come!

My boys with Teacher Lori.James and Teacher Thomas.
James made this super-cool Spiderman to share
when it was his turn for snack and sharing time.Yesterday in class the kids had a visitor- Jennifer Arbuckle from Northern Waste & Recycling came and taught the kids about worms, composting and the importance of recycling. It was funny when I pulled up and saw Jennifer there. She helped Evergreen 6 get our grant that allowed us to start our worm farm and recycling programs. The worms she brought for the kids to touch & feel were from Evergreen's worm farm- these were my school worms!! Teacher Lori investigates the piles of dirt with the kids.

James and his friend check out their pile of worms.
Owen, Brian, Wyatt & Emma listen and learn about worm composting.

Brain & Owen checking out their worms.

Charli sat very still while getting her face
painted with a recycling symbol and a worm.
Owen was very interested in the coloring book about recycling.