Wednesday, January 30, 2008

No school! SNOW DAY!

I'd already showered and was pretty much ready when I got the call that school was canceled this morning. This was kinda' nice, since rather than ducking far under the covers & sleeping in, I figured I was already up, so I'd go ahead and make breakfast for the boys, who were still sleeping at the time. This paid off, when, by 9:30 I had already made breakfast & fed the boys, baked a dozen apple muffins (yum!) and completely cleaned the kitchen. Now that is a good start to a snow day!

The thing about snow days is that we do have to make them up at the end of the year, which is kind of a bummer. I didn't let that bother me today though. The roads were solid ice and I did not really want to be out sliding around the roads anyway. Not to mention how excited I was to be able to spend a day home with the boys today! It was one of those great, relaxing days when I had no "agenda" of things to do, I just did what I felt like and enjoyed myself. I did some scrapbooking (only 12 more pages until I complete Owen's baby through 1 year albums!), took a snowy walk with the boys, and watched some Oprah- all things I rarely have time to do. Such luxury!

James loves using his new "safety scissors" as you can see from all the scraps he made while he was "crafting" with me today.

Owen marching along on our very wet & cold rain walk this afternoon.

James insisted on making a snow angel even though the snow was sloppy & wet. It ended up being not much of an angel, but he enjoyed giving it a shot!

Holding hands on our walk with our snowy house in the background. Owen was saying "let me go!" by this time though...

Here's the result of my attempt to take a picture of the three of us on our walk. I guess I should get some help with that next time...


Kristin9204 said...

I love the picture of the three of you, Owen looks great!! Just kidding. It is really cute though. You guys have way more snow than we do. Crazy what 20 minutes up the road can do.

the mccords said...

Hi Amy! thanks for the ideas. I only have seen James and Owen once but my are the huge! Especially James he seems very tall now. Brooke told me how he is calling Jake Jakie now, very cute.