Thursday, April 16, 2009

Girl's Spa Weekend Coming Up in May!!

I can't get over how EXCITED I am about the girl's spa weekend we have planned for Mother's Day weekend! A group of my best girlfriends and I are going to Reno for two nights to bond, laugh, and relax. We're taking Brooke to Babies-R-Us, having lunch, spending the afternoon at a fabulous spa, and celebrating Kristi's Bachelorette Party! We haven't seen Kristi in almost a year- since Brooke & Jake's wedding, so it is awesome that she can make it. I can't wait to post pictures on my blog from this unbelieveable trip in a few weeks!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

The Easter Bunny Came To Our House Today!

The boys were genuinely shocked and surprised to find "millions of eggs" (as James states) hidden all around our house this morning! Jason's working nights and got home around 7:30 this morning, just in time to see the boys discover the baskets in the living room and to watch the boys hunt for eggs all over the house before he went to bed for the day.

Easter at Grandma Sally & Grandpa Mike's House

On Easter we usually spend the day at Sally & Mike's house. The boys love getting dressed up and spending the day with family.All dressed up & excited to find that the Easter Bunny visited Grandma & Grandpa's house too Alina stole a celery stalk while Jessica made the veggie platter!
Owen & Alina love each other so much- they crack each other up!
Poor Alina wasn't feeling well at all. The boys and I decided to make cupcakes to decorate & share.
Owen helped me with mixing the batter.
James decorated each cupcake with care.
We shared the cupcakes with our friends & neighbors.Blowing bubbles in the drivewayJUMPING!

Owen, Owen, Owen...

I should know by now that when it's quiet in my house, something is up. Once again, after a quiet little bit, I discovered Owen into something. This time, he decided he needed his hair to be combed- and very wet. Looks nice, huh?

Dyeing Easter Eggs

I spread out a sheet of plastic and let the boys go to town with the Easter eggs yesterday!All the pretty colorsOwen was very proud of his egg dyeing work.Can you tell which eggs Owen were reponsible for? He cracked about half of the eggs before we were done. Poor boy, he just couldn't resist!
Messy hands & another cracked egg...
James was serious about his work.
The boys got camo easter egg kits from their neighbor friend, Belle.
Notice all the cracked eggs?
So proud!

A Lunch Date With My Top Readers

On Friday Greg and I met with some of my top readers this year. These kids have read more than three times the amount that a twelfth grader should in one school year! These kids are awesome, and it was great to spend a day with them.

We started the day at Books of Paradise, a really neat used book store in town, where each student was able to choose a few books they'd like to read. We then walked to La Comida for a yummy Mexican lunch. After lunch, we walked to the Town Park to play and have ice cream. The kids all complained that the park was "boring," yet they didn't hesitate to spend the afternoon running, swinging, and playing tag!

Tag with Mr. Holman

Danielle & Lucy with James & Emily
The kids playing tag on the play structure
Owen having a grand time on the swings

An Easter Surprise!

An Easter surprise arrived in the mail for the boys yesterday!
Thanks for the treats, Grandma Cindy & Grandpa Kevin!

Friday, April 10, 2009

My Sweet James

A little bit ago, James came into the computer room where I was working, looked at me in my sweats with scraggly pulled-back hair and told me, "Mommy, you are the beautifulest girl I ever met."

I love that kid!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Too Bad...

Tonight, James sat with me as we looked through a bunch of pictures and video clips from the past year. At the end, James said, "Mom, that is too bad that you aren't in any of the pictures or videos of our family."
I agree, it is too bad!
I vow to hand the camera over and ask others to take a few shots with me in them with my camera.
I should be in at least a few photos, I am the most popular afterall...

A Picnic at Table Mountain

We met at Table Mountain with a group of our friends today for a picnic with the kids. If you live in the area and haven't visited Table Mountain before, it is so worth the visit! Even though we went a little late for the flowers, many were still blooming and along with the 70 degree weather with a slight breeze, it made for a beautiful day! We all brought blankets and food to share, and after we found an ideal picnic spot, we had a relaxing lunch. The kids enjoyed picking unlimited boquets of wildflowers, flying a kite and running free. I took tons of pictures and it was very hard choosing which ones to post, so I had to post a bunch! Enjoy!
Owen bringing flowers to Mommy. He was so thrilled to be free to pick as many flowers as he wanted- something that is usually outlawed.
James loved flying his Transformers Bumblebee kite- best $2.99 I ever spent!
My cool big boy with his spikey hair!
BFF- Renton & James

Owen was so excited to have a real picnic!

BFF- Owen & Keegan
The Finch family
Boys throwing rocks into the creek.
They would have been happy to have stayed & done this for hours!
Bob & Sonya checking out the waterfall.
Kristin was making me nervous standing so close to the edge!

Tara & Sonya on the edge too...
Cool kids. James thought he'd climb on Kelly for a ride!
Bob & Sonya Clark, enjoying the sun!
Our kite flying high!
The McGregor family Charli Ann, enjoying the day.
James & Renton flying the kite together.
Charli chasing the big disc through the flowers. James decided to snuggle up with Kelly.
Todd & Keegan flying the kite.
Keegan was so proud to be flying the kite all by himself! We all got a nice laugh when he let go and Todd had to run for his life after the kite as it flew away.
Happy Keegan. Todd & Renton flying the kite & enjoying the view.
I love this sweet picture of my sweet Owen picking flowers. This is my new screen-saver.
Giving mommy a pretty flower.