Monday, January 19, 2009

Shooting with Daddy at the Paradise Bowhunters Range

The weather was beautiful again today, so we took advantage by heading out to the Paradise Bowhunters Range. We are lucky to have this free public range so near to our house. The boys had a blast hiking through woods, exploring, shooting their pellet gun and watching daddy shoot his bow. I am sure Jason will take the boys out to this range many more times in the future.
James, showing off his hit on the target.
Jason taking aim...
Helping the little guy take a shot.

James is experienced, he doesn't need help!

Climbing and being boys
Taking aim at another target.

Another great shot for both Jason & James! NOt so good for Speedy Gonzales though...

Jason walking in the woods with his boy.
Mom with the boys at one of the targets. They liked the picture of the mountain lion!

Building with Blocks

One of the favorite activities at our house is building with wooden blocks. We've had a small set of colored wooden blocks for a while now, but the set has gotten depleted due to the fact they play with them so often, blocks have gotten misplaces. For Christmas, Santa brought the boys two new sets of blocks, one set of large wooden blocks and one set of colored, smaller blocks (smart Santa...). Our boys will build for hours with these blocks. They make towers, race tracks, houses, and whole villages. They sort the blocks by color and build solid-colored robots, they use the blocks as a railroad track for their train cars. These simple wooden shapes are the best and most creative toy we own, and trust me, we own a LOT of toys! We love you, wooden blocks!
James with his Bumblebee, Optimus Prime, and Lockdown Transformers built with blocks, and Owen laying next to his color-coded creations.
Brothers sorting and building together.
Cool block robots and towers, by James & Owen.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Dinner at Ojiya for Kristin's 31st birthday

To celebrate Kristin's 31st birthday, we all got together at Ojiya Japanese Steakhouse for an entertaining dinner. None of us had ever been to this new restaurant before, so it was a fun adventure for us all. We were very tightly packed around a counter surrounding a hibachi grill. We had a chef at our table preparing all the food right in front of us. He was entertaining and the food was tasty, although quite expensive. It was a treat though, to spend an evening with friends experiencing something new and different. Ojiya was a fun place for a group to spend a unique evening together! Brooke & Bob were the only two at dinner without spouses present, so they were "substitute dates" for each other. Cute couple, huh?Behlkes and Finches
Cooking with FIRE!
Micki, Travis, Jason & Tara had to be careful not to have their eyebrows singed off!
Our hibachi chef prepared our entire meal right in front of us.
Our chef had a few tricks up his sleeve, including flipping zucchini into our mouths. Can you see the flying zucchini in the top left corner of this picture on its way to Chad's mouth?
Luke's turn to catch some food!
An awesome night with an amazing group of friends, and a happy birthday to Kristin!

Pedis with my girls

On Saturday, I met Brooke K., Kelly and Kristin at Queen Nails in Chico for a fun afternoon of pampering. We each relaxed in giant massage chairs and sipped 2-buck-Chuck while getting pedicures. The blue-to-green color-changing water was very neat and we each loved our unique hand-painted flower designs on our toes. With this weather being so clear and temperatures over 70 degrees lately, maybe we'll even be able to wear sandals to show off our pretty new toes over the next few days!
Kristin & Charli, our little pedi-elf. Charli helped us out by delivering cheese & crackers as well as chocolate truffles to us while we sat in our chairs. She was so helpful!
Even though Charli opted not to have her nails painted, she did enjoy giving the dries a try.
Kristin & Charli
The birthday girl getting her pedi!
Brooke relaxing in her massage chair.
My feet enjoyed some special treatment!
Now, this is the life!
Kelly getting some much deserved pampering too!

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Owen on his Half-Birthday

Scruffy hair, wide blue eyes, sweet toddler face.
Our Owen at two-and-a-half years old.

The kinds of games daddies are good for.....

All systems ready for launch, and .......... .......... BLAST OFF!!!!

James and his Ladies

James and his beloved ladies- Kylee and Alysa Winebarger. He loves these two girls and they have so much fun playing together every day at Kristin's. What a lucky boy to have such great friends! These pictures of the three of them were just too adorable to pass up.

Alina's 2nd Birthdya Party at ADVENTURELAND

We traveled to Fair Oaks for Alina's 2nd birthday party. Her party was held at Adventureland, an indoor play park with lots of blow-up climbers, slides, games, bumper cars and more! The boys had a blast, of course, and it was great to see Uncle Steve, Aunt Jessica & Cousin Alina too!
Owen and James are the perfect age to play at Adventureland!

Alina LOVES the book, "Chicka, Chicka, Boom, Boom" so Jessica made an adorable cake and cupcakes in that theme.
Alina dug in to the cake right away!
This little guy from Alina's day care wanted to give her a kiss, but was so grossed out by her messy face he had to wipe her up first.
Cake..... yum!
James gave his most sad, pouty face for us to show how unhappy he was about having to wait until cake was done before he could go play on the structures.
Uncle Steve on the bumper cars.