Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Our New Playground

"Home Park," that is what James calls it. Since we've moved into this house, we've never had much going on in our back yard. The boys are old enough now that they love spending time outside and we felt we were in need of some nice outdoor playspace.We ordered swings and hung them from our high back deck. We have two baby-swings, two big-kid swings, and two grown-up hammock chairs.The boys LOVE these swings!!! We have lots of other fun new stuff in our yard, but the swings are by far their favorite."Push me again, mommy! Just one more big push!"Our new climber / slideOwen, spying in his new spy-scope."I spy my daddy!!!"Spying on daddyOur brave Owen, getting ready to take a trip on the slide.
Big brother's turn on the slide! Owen loves the sandbox about as much as the swings. He especially loves the sand-sifter. He will site there all by himself for a long time just dumping sand into this toy. There's nothing like brand-new sand!!!

We love our new yard!!