Saturday, April 26, 2008

Gold Nugget Days Parade- April 26, 2008

Micki, Chad and Kristin, and I all decided to take the kids to see the Gold Nugget Days Parade. This is a very long parade, but a fun community event to attend. The kids enjoyed eating corn dogs, kettle corn, cotton candy & fresh-squeezed lemonaid. Kylee & Alysa were really into the parade, while James and Charli sort of wilted.

Paradise High Band- the kids got very excited about the marching bands coming by!
The Finch family enjoying the parade
"Wahoo! I love the parade!"
James & Charli sharing a quite moment, "We're not eating dinner, we're just coloring! No dinner, no dinner!" is what they were chanting just before I took this photo:
They did end up eating, because we told them no dinner, no ICE CREAM! Hey, sometimes bribery just works...