Friday, June 20, 2008

Chico Outlaws Game

Brooke & Luke hold season tickets to the Outlaws, our local baseball team. We dieided to join them for a mid-week game and we had a blast! The stands were nearly empty, so we were able to spread out and have a good time. The boys were so impressed by the whole thing, we are going to have to go to more games!With so few fams at the game, the kids didn't have many people to compete with for Rascal's attention! Taylor was excited to give Rascal a hgh-five and James gave him a hug.
Early in the game, Luke took the kids over to the playground where they got very dirty and got to see a train go by close-up.

Owen danced to just about every song they played.
James & Taylor- pals!
Me & my two boys, having fun at the game!
Silly faces.....
What a sweetie! I couldn't resist putting this adorable picture of Taylor up. He is so cute!!