Friday, June 20, 2008

Introducing: Mr. & Mrs. Jake & Brooke Wells

FINALLY!!! The wedding of the decade (yes, most of the rest of us were married in the NINETIES! Crazy!)

After all of the ups & downs of planning this wedding, it turned out perfect- beautiful, special and fun. Most of all, it was so wonderful to be a part of this important day for Brooke & Jake, two people we love so much! Congratualtions to Mr. & Mrs. Wells!!
Grandma Sally took the boys home after the reception for a sleepover!
Mim's did a wonderful job on the cakes- and they were so, so, so tasty too!

Uh, oh... the first post-ceremony butt grab!
I wrote a poem for Brooke & Jake in memory of all the trials & tribulations of putting this wedding together. I was so nervous to read it!
Owen & Charli danced the night away!
Sweet 1st dance picture...

Kelly & I with our handsome boys.
It's a Kelly sandwich!
Our beautiful bride!
Me & Tara with Brooke bafore the wedding.
James & Jordan being cute during the ceremony.
My little Holly! I love this girl!
After the reception, a bunch of us headed down to the Crazy Horse. It's been forever since we were all there together, so we had a blast. The night could not be finished without a sopt by our beloved Scrappy Dog. I am so happy to know that some people never move on in life- same Scrappy Dog guy selling the same hot dogs for the same price($2). Gotta' love Chico! Some things never change!