Sunday, April 5, 2009

A Picnic at Table Mountain

We met at Table Mountain with a group of our friends today for a picnic with the kids. If you live in the area and haven't visited Table Mountain before, it is so worth the visit! Even though we went a little late for the flowers, many were still blooming and along with the 70 degree weather with a slight breeze, it made for a beautiful day! We all brought blankets and food to share, and after we found an ideal picnic spot, we had a relaxing lunch. The kids enjoyed picking unlimited boquets of wildflowers, flying a kite and running free. I took tons of pictures and it was very hard choosing which ones to post, so I had to post a bunch! Enjoy!
Owen bringing flowers to Mommy. He was so thrilled to be free to pick as many flowers as he wanted- something that is usually outlawed.
James loved flying his Transformers Bumblebee kite- best $2.99 I ever spent!
My cool big boy with his spikey hair!
BFF- Renton & James

Owen was so excited to have a real picnic!

BFF- Owen & Keegan
The Finch family
Boys throwing rocks into the creek.
They would have been happy to have stayed & done this for hours!
Bob & Sonya checking out the waterfall.
Kristin was making me nervous standing so close to the edge!

Tara & Sonya on the edge too...
Cool kids. James thought he'd climb on Kelly for a ride!
Bob & Sonya Clark, enjoying the sun!
Our kite flying high!
The McGregor family Charli Ann, enjoying the day.
James & Renton flying the kite together.
Charli chasing the big disc through the flowers. James decided to snuggle up with Kelly.
Todd & Keegan flying the kite.
Keegan was so proud to be flying the kite all by himself! We all got a nice laugh when he let go and Todd had to run for his life after the kite as it flew away.
Happy Keegan. Todd & Renton flying the kite & enjoying the view.
I love this sweet picture of my sweet Owen picking flowers. This is my new screen-saver.
Giving mommy a pretty flower.