Sunday, April 12, 2009

A Lunch Date With My Top Readers

On Friday Greg and I met with some of my top readers this year. These kids have read more than three times the amount that a twelfth grader should in one school year! These kids are awesome, and it was great to spend a day with them.

We started the day at Books of Paradise, a really neat used book store in town, where each student was able to choose a few books they'd like to read. We then walked to La Comida for a yummy Mexican lunch. After lunch, we walked to the Town Park to play and have ice cream. The kids all complained that the park was "boring," yet they didn't hesitate to spend the afternoon running, swinging, and playing tag!

Tag with Mr. Holman

Danielle & Lucy with James & Emily
The kids playing tag on the play structure
Owen having a grand time on the swings