Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The Leash...

Yes, we are "those parents" now.

We put a leash on out 2 1/2 year old.

We were spending the day at the zoo and fairytale town.

He's a runner.

It was on clearance at Walmart.

We couldn't resist.

Owen actually likes his "backpack" and didn't seem to mind the leash part at all. He rather enjoyed pulling daddy along all day, to be honest. It also helped that it's something that he gets & brother doesn't have one. The soft, cuddly monkey doesn't hurt either. I only wish I had this last year when I flew to Ohio by myself, or last weekend at the Monterey Bay Aquarium!


The Fiskeaux Family said...

Every time Caspian wears his monkey, we get bombarded with "OMG! That's so awesome!!!" from other parents. We always reply that it was the best $10 we ever spent. LOL The only person (yes, one) who has ever said anything negative (leash-related) was (she admitted) single without kids. Caspian's been rocking his since he decided the stroller was no longer de rigueur...like, a year ago.

Piper said...

Oh- we have one too for Hadley. All we have to say is "Go get your monkey!" and she is off getting it on all by herself. She loves that thing- a total life saver. Forget what other people say....they don't have kids who shoot off like rockets.