Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Swimming Lessons

Nothing better than a summer of
swimming lessons with your best bud! Renton, James, Owen and Keegan are all enrolled in swimming lessons through North Valley Swim School at In Motion Fitness this summer. We've got Renton & James together with one instructor and Owen & Keegan with another. It's working out great, because they really do seem to be at the same level as each other, which makes it easy for their swim instructors.
We were impressed at how the instructors were able to work with both boys at the same time. There were times Owen & Keegan's instructor worked with the little guys individually, but she always gave the one she wasn't working one-on-one with something to work with on their own while she was busy. They all listened to their instructors so well and love their swim lessons!

This was Renton & James' least favorite exercise, as you can tell from the tortured looks on their faces. They didn't complain (too much) though and worked with their instructor on it.