Friday, February 1, 2008

I TOLD you anything should be expected!

So, here I am today with school canceled again! Crazy! I thought we'd be walking to a performance & Taco Bell today with all my students. Instead I got to get a haircut (soooo needed one) and took James to the library to check out some new books and play with their blocks for a while. It was sunny most of the day & while to roads were awful this morning, things are pretty clear now. See, you just never know what they day is going to turn out to be like when you roll out of bed in the morning! There's supposed to be another huge storm rolling in tomorrow, so we'll see what excitement that will bring us!

Another thing I had time to do today since I was not at school was to bake a batch of brownies from the new cookbook by Jessica Seinfield (yes, Jerry's wife) called "Deceitfully Delicious." It is full of all these healthy recipes for kids with secret veggies hidden in them. These brownies are very chocolaty, made with bittersweet chocolate, baking cocoa and I added mini chocolate chips to the recipe. The *secret* is they also have SPINACH and CARROTS in them! It is crazy- these brownies have 3 grams of fiber each, are packed with antioxodants and they are almost one serving of veggies for kids! James ate 2 today, he LOVES them! This is a kid who doesn't eat much, so I am very happy he likes them. My opinion is they are pretty tasty if you like a dark-chocolate flavor, but the texture is a little strange. Very mosit & cake-like but also a tiny bit rubbery or something. Not quite like regular brownies somehow. They are pretty good, but not what you'd expect from a regular brownie. Oh well, the point is James & Owen like them (my target audience) and I'll get spinach into them any way I can! Email me if you want the recipe or maybe I'll post it tomorrow, we'll see if I have time.