Sunday, February 3, 2008

Why Owen is too little for paints...

For Christmas, a relative sent Owen a set of toddler paints from Crayola. It says right on the box, appropriate for "ages 18 months and up"- Owen proved this not be be true today.
I was baking in the kitchen and looked up to see this sight:

Owen was so proud of himelf for his painting creation, he even showed me how he managed to paint his entire tounge!
As soon as I discovered this mess, he began smearing the paint all over his face as quickly as he could...
By the time I got him into the bath, he was as blue as a blueberry. Luckily this paint does come off super easily. Just dumping water on him washed it all off.

Owen is not like his brother, James was never this pesty when he was little! One thing is for sure, he keeps us on our toes & laughing all the time!