Tuesday, February 12, 2008

What a day... This one's goin' in the record books!

I've been sick with this awful flu for a week, yet dragged myself to school yesterday & today because I've been working for several weeks on arranging a ski trip for my school to Mt. Shasta Ski Park. 106 people drove from Paradise today, leaving their homes before 5:30 am to arrive at the ski park by 8:30. Coughing & stuffy, but excited to be on my first ski trip since before James was born, I was surviving. Just as I handed our the last ticket to the last parent and student, I heard the news- they were closing the park for the day due to a water main break! I could not believe it! So many disappointed kids and parents! Everyone was great, only two dads were mad because they wouldn't be able to take another day off of work, but everyone else was so understanding! By 10 a.m. everyone was on their way back to Paradise, so sad! A lot of families took their cars full of kids to play in the snow or ice skate in a nearby town, but most of the people just went home. I hadn't paid Mt. Shasta yet when they closed, so I have everyone's money- almost $4,000 worth of rentals, lessons, lift tickets... what a disaster!

Oh well, tomorrowe can only be better!