Saturday, March 22, 2008

Kylee & Alysa's 5th Birthday Party!

James LOVES his "sisters" and today was their 5th birthday! He has been talking about this party all week and it was everything he'd anticipated it would be!
All of the kids gathered around the ladies while we sang "Happy Brithday" to them & they blew out the candles.
Brooke & Jake went in with us an bought the ladies this enchanted princess castle, complete with furniture and accessories. It was a huge hit with all the kids!
The "Jum-Bubbler" was a big hit again! This thing makes awesome bubbles, but it drips everywhere and makes a huge mess. So worth it for the great bubbles though!
Travis taught Owen how to bbq burgers and dogs. Charli-extreme-close-up!
Owen insisted that Charli pal around with him all day today. He made her hold his hand everywhere he walked too!
Owen & Charli, pals for the day.
James was so tired, he sacked-out in the ladies' new chair for about an hour.


Kristin9204 said...

It is so funny that Owen insisted that Charli hold his hand, everywhere. That close up of Charli really shows her nasty nose. yesterday was really fun, it almost felt like summer time.