Sunday, March 2, 2008

Renton's 4th Birthday Party!

Renton's 4th birthday party was a blast! We'd never been to Kids Park, a drop-off, hourly babysitting place in Chico and I'd always wondered about it. We decided we LOVE this place! So many fun things to do, and the girls who work there are great! The kids had a blast & James is dying to go back sometime soon.
Renton blew out the candles on his adorable pirate cake.

James & his buddy Kylee colored & decorated pirate hats together.
Owen & Keegan- our "little guys" had fun climbing the carpeted climbing area.
All the kids lined up in the "theater" to hear a pirate story. Taylor Kennedy, Owen Behlke, Keegan McGregor, Alysa Winebarger, James Behlke, Charli Finch, Kylee Winebarger, Renton McGregor.
McGregor brothers!
The girl who worked at Kids Park took the kids on a fun "treasure hunt" where they had to find & follow clues which led to the "treasure chest" full of treats for the kids! What a blast!

James making another of his silly faces.
Charli, joining James in the sillyness!
Renton & James were sliding down the carpeted area- not a very fast way to slide, boys!
Keegan, doing his hiding-the-face thing.
After this busy, fun day was over, I asked James what is favorite part of the whole day was. His answer: "Kylee and Alysa." He loves these ladies!!!