Sunday, May 4, 2008

Learning About Composting at the Durham Worm Farm

At my school, Greg, one of my partner-teachers, has really been great about teaching our students about living a more eco-friendly life. He's led us to apply for several grants, which we've won, making our program the most green program in the district. As part of one of our grants, we were able to take our students on an awesome field trip to the R.A.R.E. (Recycling Exhibit) in Chico as well as the Worm Farm in Durham. We compost both with worms and without at our school, so the kids had a lot of fun seeing where our worms came from, learning all about them, and actually getting their hands in the dirt and digging up as many worms as they could find!

Kristin is composting at her house now and does it with our kids so they are learning the importance of reducing what we throw away as well. They love it, James and Charli are really into it, Owen's not sure yet, but he seems to enjoy it! Kristin met us at the Worm Farm so our kids could get their hands in the dirt too- they loved it! James was a little shy at first (not like him at all!), but Owen was so amazed by the worms! It was so cute seeing Owen check out the worms. My students really enjoyed having the kids there too, 6th graders are at an age that really enjoys being around little kids. They are so sweet with our little guys!

Here's Owen showing off a few of his wormy-finds:
Charli, Owen & James digging for worms while two of my students, Angie & William, help them out: