Wednesday, March 4, 2009

The 1st Annual Snow Ball in Downieville

The 1st Annual Snow Ball was a huge success last weekend in Downieville! Everyone had to keep reminding me that it was a "formal fundraiser" and not the prom the whole night. The funny thing was I had actually attended prom with several of the boys who were at the event that night. Heck, our wedding reception was in that same room, lots of memories in the Community Hall! We all had a blast getting dressed up and no matter what everyone says... I was truly the Prom Queen of the Snow Ball, 2009!!
My boyfriend and I at the prom.
My girls and I, all beautiful in black- Brooke, Isis, Heather & I
My preggo Brookie! (can you see the start of her tiny baby-belly??)

Leslie, Trisha and the Prom Queen
Erick & Leslie Jackson
Michelle & Brooke- showing off their 13-week bellies together!
Michelle & John Sweeney- so, uh, happy??
Lovebirds at the dance- Heather & Troy
Dancin with Melissa & Kristi
I love my little Holly!