Sunday, March 8, 2009

I am so lucky to have so many wonderful people who love me in my life!

This has been a difficult few weeks for me.
Jason's working nights, which is a little hard on our family time together.
I also was notified that I will be receiving a lay-off notice this year for the very first time in the 9-years I've been teaching in this district.
After several days of worrying, I have finally come to believe that I will most likely not lose my job, but it did really freak me out initially. Teaching is more than a job for me, it's what I do, it's who I am in a lot of ways, and despite the stress and challenges that come up every day, I really do love teaching. I hope I am right and things all work out...

Through this stressful time, my friends and family have really been coming through for me. Their support is what has pulled me through this so far. Many conversations and reassuring words have been so, so helpful. Last night as I sat with my girlfriends talking, laughing and sharing, I felt myself finally letting go and allowing my worries to go away. I feel so much better today after this great weekend!

I received two really awesome and meaningful gifts this week as well! My mom made a beautiful and fun quilt for me that I absolutely love! I love sock monkeys, as most people know, so she used the same line of fabric from Moda featuring colorful sock monkeys that I used to make my purse. This line was "Five Funky Monkeys" and has the monkeys jumping on the bed as well one fabric with band-aids all over it. So adorable! My mom told me that every time I wrap myself up in the quilt, I should imagine it's her arms around me, giving me a big hug. I love this quilt!
The boys have been enjoying my Funky Monkey quilt too. Owen totally checked it out the day it came in the mail. He laughed out loud at the pictures and loves to crawl around on it looking at all of the funny monkeys!
I caught James snuggling on the floor with my quilt today while he was watching a movie.
My second gift came from Kristin. This was totally unexpected, I had no idea she had been working on this for me. The gift is so creative and meaningful, I am so touched that she put so much time and energy into something for me.

The gift consisted of four bags, each labeled with an individual tag.
The first bag was labeled, "To Inspire" and inside was a card explaining the gift.
The main card reads:
I have been stewing on this idea for a little while now, and wanted the perfect time to share. With everything that is going on in your life right now, i thought now is the perfect time. I hope you find great enjoyment in what I have put together for you!
Our friendship has lasted 12 years! Can you believe that? You and I have grown so much in the friendship that we have created. From the college years, to our wedding, to being pregnant together, to now raising our children together. I really cherish our friendship that you and I have, and I can't wait to see what else is to come!
Love, Kristin"
Inside the bag was a card that reads:
"To Inspire:
Inside this bag you will fins: a journal and scrapbooking supplies. You can take this journal and use it however you please. I have taken up journaling and it has been a great release. Also enjoy your new scrapbooking supplies, you can't have enough!"
The next bag was "To Renew" and this card read:
"To Renew:
In this bag you will find: a good smelling candle, bath products and nail polish. I am sure you can't remember the last time you took a nice relaxing bath, but maybe some night after the boys go to bed, you can run a nice hot bath and just enjoy!"
The third bag was labeled, "To Remember" and this card read:
"To Remember:
In this bag you will find 2 picture frames. Take a couple of pictures of your life currently. Anything you want, maybe of the boys building with blocks, or making muffins, etc... Place the pictures in the frames. Reflect upon the pictures now and then."The gift in the last bag was my favorite- this bag was labeled "To Let Go" and the card inside read:
"To Let Go
In this bag, you will find: 2 plates, markers, a plastic bag.
I want you to take the markers and write on the plates all your current fears, frustrations, stresses, negative feelings that you are holding onto in your life currently. Once you are done, place the plates in the plastic bag, close it up and smash the plates with a hammer.
One idea: You could take the smashed up plates and put them in a mosaic stepping stone for your yard."

No matter what is going on in my life as far as stress, difficult situations or worries, I still always consider myself so lucky. I am surrounded by so many amazing people who love me, and that is the most important thing in my life.