Sunday, May 18, 2008

Big-Boy Bed and Lego Therapy

Last night, Owen slept all night long in his big-boy bed (otherwise known as the bottom bunk)!!! This was Owen's first night ever not in the crib. We got the bed-rail back from a friend we'd loaned it to, and after putting it on, Owen was very interested in the bed. We hung out in there and talked to him a lot about sleeping in the bottom bunk. We thought we'd give it a try & see how he's do, so when it was bedtime, we sis our normal routine, but put Owen to bed in the bottom bunk rather than the crib. Owen is usually very easy to get to bed- we just tell him it's "nigh-night time" and he gets his blanket and runs back to his bed and goes to sleep, no problem. Given this, we still weren't sure how he'd do or if he'd be disrupted by having James in there with him. We were shocked when he went right in, was alseep in no time, and slept all night long in his new bed!! It's nap-time right now and he's snuggled down right beneath his brother's bed and both boys are sleeping soundly! We can't believe Owen's such a big-boy all of a sudden!
Yesterday was so hectic and a bit overwhelming for the boys and I, so we decided to stay home with nothing on the agenda all day today. We got out all of James birthday presents and played with everything. Diane bought James this very complex Lego Police set and James immediatly took all of the seperate and labeled bags and dumped them together. Today we sorted all of the tiny pieces out and spend over 3-hours putting together this very cool police station, quad and semi-truch with trailer! My life has been so busy and crazy lately, there are a million other things I probably "should have" been doing during that 3+ hours, but let me tell you, there's something to be said for just hanging out on the floor with my boys and getting some serious Lego therapy!