Sunday, May 18, 2008

James + Charli = BFF

These two silly kids have been pals since birth. They have gone through phases in the past when they would have to beat each other up for a good hour before they could play nicely, but their parents are VERY happy that they have gotten to the point where they LOVE to play together! James & Charli played for hours together, happily laughing and chattering away while Kristin & I got stuff ready for the birthday party. A good hour was spend picking up tiny seeds that had come out of a stuffed animal on James' bunk bed and gotten everywhere. They made up lots of good explainations about how the seeds had gotten everywhere while they picked up the seeds... "Maybe a mysterious bird flew in here and put them everywhere... Maybe it was a dragon who blew fire out and then these seeds came out of his mouth... Maybe..."
Who knows what's next for these two, but we do know one thing, whatever it is, they'll be doing it together!


Kristin9204 said...

This is the greatest picture. I could see this one in their yearbook. Yes we are very happy that they don't feel the need to beat on eachother anymore.