Sunday, May 11, 2008

Stacey's Walk for Breast Cancer

My sister-in-law, Stacey, is a senior at Downieville High School and for her senior project, she chose to host a walk to benefit the Western Sierra Medical Clinic's breast cancer detection program. Stacey worked hard for months and many members of the community turned out to support Stacey & help with donations to make the walk happen. Over 75 people showed up on May 10 and walked from the school to the falls and back. The walk was very well organized, fun, and a huge success! Not only did this awesome event bring the community together in support of a good cause, but Stacey raised over $2,000 for the clinic! Downieville's CSF club will take over the walk next year to make this an annual event held in Stacey's name. What a way to make a difference!
Walking down Main Street, Stacey & several other people carried the prayer flags created by all the people who were walking.
James & Jordan held hands on the walk, best buds!
Isis & Suzi leading the pack over the bridge!
Brooke & my mom leading the group down Pearl Street.
James & Jordan, still holding hands!

Once they got tired walking, James & Jordan got into the stroller... together! With Owen in there too, the stroller was VERY heavy! Travis offered to push the stroller up the hills for us on the way back, but during a little off-road excusion, the stroller ended up breaking! The wheel bent off. He ended up fixing it enough to get back to the school, but it's pretty much busted now... Oh well, at least I didn't have to push it up that big hill!

Walking back from the falls with the prayer flags.