Monday, January 19, 2009

Building with Blocks

One of the favorite activities at our house is building with wooden blocks. We've had a small set of colored wooden blocks for a while now, but the set has gotten depleted due to the fact they play with them so often, blocks have gotten misplaces. For Christmas, Santa brought the boys two new sets of blocks, one set of large wooden blocks and one set of colored, smaller blocks (smart Santa...). Our boys will build for hours with these blocks. They make towers, race tracks, houses, and whole villages. They sort the blocks by color and build solid-colored robots, they use the blocks as a railroad track for their train cars. These simple wooden shapes are the best and most creative toy we own, and trust me, we own a LOT of toys! We love you, wooden blocks!
James with his Bumblebee, Optimus Prime, and Lockdown Transformers built with blocks, and Owen laying next to his color-coded creations.
Brothers sorting and building together.
Cool block robots and towers, by James & Owen.


The Baker's said...

Look at my boys. They are getting so big. They are so smart and creative. I miss them so much. I wish we could all see each other more often!