Sunday, January 18, 2009

Dinner at Ojiya for Kristin's 31st birthday

To celebrate Kristin's 31st birthday, we all got together at Ojiya Japanese Steakhouse for an entertaining dinner. None of us had ever been to this new restaurant before, so it was a fun adventure for us all. We were very tightly packed around a counter surrounding a hibachi grill. We had a chef at our table preparing all the food right in front of us. He was entertaining and the food was tasty, although quite expensive. It was a treat though, to spend an evening with friends experiencing something new and different. Ojiya was a fun place for a group to spend a unique evening together! Brooke & Bob were the only two at dinner without spouses present, so they were "substitute dates" for each other. Cute couple, huh?Behlkes and Finches
Cooking with FIRE!
Micki, Travis, Jason & Tara had to be careful not to have their eyebrows singed off!
Our hibachi chef prepared our entire meal right in front of us.
Our chef had a few tricks up his sleeve, including flipping zucchini into our mouths. Can you see the flying zucchini in the top left corner of this picture on its way to Chad's mouth?
Luke's turn to catch some food!
An awesome night with an amazing group of friends, and a happy birthday to Kristin!