Monday, January 19, 2009

Shooting with Daddy at the Paradise Bowhunters Range

The weather was beautiful again today, so we took advantage by heading out to the Paradise Bowhunters Range. We are lucky to have this free public range so near to our house. The boys had a blast hiking through woods, exploring, shooting their pellet gun and watching daddy shoot his bow. I am sure Jason will take the boys out to this range many more times in the future.
James, showing off his hit on the target.
Jason taking aim...
Helping the little guy take a shot.

James is experienced, he doesn't need help!

Climbing and being boys
Taking aim at another target.

Another great shot for both Jason & James! NOt so good for Speedy Gonzales though...

Jason walking in the woods with his boy.
Mom with the boys at one of the targets. They liked the picture of the mountain lion!