Sunday, January 4, 2009

One last hurrauh!

In celebration of having a Friday off together, the McGregors decided to have us over for a BBQ in the middle of the afternoon. We had a fabulous dinner, wine and the kids had a blast playing. It was an awesome way to cap off what has already been an awesome winter break. I love these people and we are so lucky to have them in our lives. Good times, good wine, good friends, that is what it's all about!
Chef Kristin
Three best bussies since birth who are SUPER excited they get to spend the night together!
After we told James & Charli that they could BOTH spend the night at Renton's house, James said, "Ok, get together, here's the plan...." and whispered something to them. They were all so excited!
Making a plan....
Five in the bed.....

Kristin was really enjoying the popcorn that night....Kelly & Kristin- buddies!
"V-Drop Mania!" The kids took turns making the Hot Wheel cars go down the V-Drop. Super cool!!
Five kids, all snuggled up for bed. Thank goodness for those under-bed pull-outs Kelly's kids' beds have!