Sunday, May 17, 2009

Children's Fair in Chico

This time of year for a teacher is very chaotic, so I have been absent from my poor, neglected blog for quite a while now. I'm back though and ready to update my blog with recent pictures of all the fun we've been having! I might not write much since I'm trying to get caught up, I'll let the pictures will do the talking for me...
A few weeks ago we took the kids to a Children's Fair in Chico at the Downtown Park. James had his face painted like a tiger and was so impressed with himself for the rest of the day!"Can I have a mirror, Mommy?"
James stared at himself in my little mirror the whole day.
Owen, James & Charli tooting their new whistles.
Charli got a beautiful unicorn that looked like a pig painted on her cheek.
Owen was very excited about all of the Play-Dough, bubbles, stamps, and other hands-on activities offered at the Children's Fair.