Sunday, May 17, 2009

Kindergarten Round-Up

Don't they just look like Kindergartners???
I almost dropped dead the other day when received a letter from Paradise Elementary School addressed to "The Parents of James Behlke." It's official- he's a kindergartner!!! I have been on the teacher-side of all this school enrollment stuff for almost 10 years now, but it's all so different as a parent! Paradise Elementary, where James & Charli will be in kindergarden together, invited us to their Kindergarten Round-Up and Open House last Thursday night. We were invited to tour all of the kindergarten classrooms and meet the teachers and ask questions. The kids were impressed with the classrooms and it was very nice for us parents to check everything out in a casual way. I think I'll be freaking out a little less come next August now that I've been able to see and get a feel for everything.
Charli denying James a kiss after their big-kindergartner-picture.

Two big kids, strutting down the kindergarten hallway.

See if you notice a theme as far as where each of the kids went as soon as we entered each of the five kindergarten classrooms....
Charli & Owen at the play kitchen in Mrs. Levin's "Curious George" room.
Owen serving Kristin tea at the play kitchen.
Charli & Owen at the play kitchen in Mrs. M's "Clifford" classroom. James found the Lego's right away in Mrs. M.'s "Clifford" classroom.
James building a race track in Mrs. Levin's classroom.
James with the blocks in Mrs. Fox's classroom.
School starts August 11, so first-day-of kindergarten pictures are just around the corner!!