Sunday, May 17, 2009

Girls' Spa Weekend in Reno!

Last weekend my girls and I escaped for two days of relaxation and fun. I planned this get-away for us after Jason & I went to The Peppermill over Spring Break. The hotel is a bit off the main drag in Reno, so it's less crowded and they recently did a huge remodel so the rooms are very nice. We checked in late, so we didn't get one of the upgraded rooms, but we didn't care, we had a blast despite the funky, outdated, purple decor.
I took this shot of the girls on the elevator. I got myself in the mirror (flash!), but only one of Kristin's eyes! We were all so thrilled to have Kristi fly down from Washington to spend the weekend with us! We surprised her with a confetti-filled welcome and some fun bachelorette gifts & surprises!
A few of the girls pooped out early on the first night, but Brooke K., Kelly, Krisit & I made our way to the Fireside Lounge to have a few drinks and visit. We ended up laughing our heads off and had a blast!
At breakfast in the Coffee Shop-
we had to have group shots taken whenever possible!
We decided to take Brooke, 5 months and 3 weeks pregnant with twins,
to Babies-R-Us for a baby registry bonanza!
After all that shopping, we headed back to the hotel for our spa appointments. Even though our appointments weren't until 4:00, we checked-in to the spa at 2:00. When you are having a treatment, you are allowed to use the spa facility all day if you want. We ended up staying for over 5 hours and it was by far the most fun part of our weekend. We ordered room service to be delivered to us on the spa patio where we lounged in our robes, ate, swam, and rested. My mom and Aunt Susan were there too- they happened to have rooms & treatments at the same time we did, so seeing them was an added bonus! Kelly, Brooke K., and Kristin all had pedicures while Kristi, Tara, Brooke W., and I had massages. I swear, I had the best massage I've ever had in my life that day. As a matter of fact, I was so relaxed, it took me a good two hours to come out of my relaxed massage-fog!
Kelly, Brooke W., and Kristin,
looking like a group of monks by the indoor hot tub.Preggo-Goddess- Brooke W. and her twin belly at 5 months, 3 weeks.Brooke K. & I loved swimming in the indoor pool.
Kelly & Kristin choosing nail polish colors during their pedicure.
Brooke K. & I waiting for our massages while we share a chair & a cookie.
Kristi rockin' the towel on her way into the sauna & steam rooms.
I said something funny right before I took this picture, but we were all so relaxed at the time, none of us can remember what I said that made them all laugh!
Kelly took us to one of her favorite dinner spots- Ruby River. We, of course, had a group shot taken in the lobby! It was an awesome steakhouse and we had so much fun we ended up closing the joint down! One of my favorite moments of the weekend happened when Brooke K. accidentally went into the men's restroom... followed by a large man!! We laughed so hard we almost peed our pants! Well.... I did actually, but only a little...
Uh-oh.... That is a BIG margirita for a little girl to be drinking!
Kristin was impressed with the lemon's "hair net" to catch the seeds.
Yet another group shot, this one at our Ruby River booth.
James, the cute waiter from Utah, took great care of us!
Brooke at the TWIN WIN penny slot! She does have twins, but she did not win.
Rockin' the sweet minivan on the way home.
THANK YOU to all my girls for making this such an amazing, relaxing and fun weekend!
I love you all!!!
Uh.... when are we going again????