Sunday, May 17, 2009

James' 5th Birthday Party

Yesterday we celebrated James' 5th birthday with a big party at our house. After our super-hot party at Bille Park last year when we all just about had a heat stroke, we have decided that pirthday parties are just better at our own house. We had a great time with our friends and family and were able to stay cool. The theme of the party James chose this year was SUPERHERO, so as their favor, every child got to design their own superhero cape that their mommies could iron together.
Heidi in her super pink superhero cape.Hero Heidi saying hello to baby Dane. Grandma & Owen
Matthew getting wild with Jordan and the other kiddos.
Elizabeth Harris, Gwen & Roy's daughter.
Gwen (with baby Lillian), Stefanie, Matt & Eric Zimmerman
Kelly, Kristin, Tara, Jason, Luke, Todd, Chad, Kristin
Superhero Kelly (with Keegan's cape on) The driveway all set up for bike rides, bubbles and splashing through the bike-wash station!
Paige Kennedy
Keegan McGregor
Happy Birthday to James!
Poor Kelly was sick and couldn't come, so we had to get a plain old Costco cake. I have been really, really sick lately too, so when it came time to blow out the candles I noticed all I had was a "2" candle!!!! Oh well, better than no candle at all!
Super-Spidey girl, Jordan with her cape....
...and some sweet moves.
Owen chose this superhero outfit-
Darth Vader mask, mis-matched shoes, and Charli's mini-skirt.
Jason was so proud...
A bunch of superheroes off on their mission!
The boys were so excited to have Jordan & Tyler spend the night!Tyler all ready for bed.