Sunday, May 18, 2008

James' 4th Birthday Party- one word... HOT!!!

Yesterday we had James 4th birthday party. It was a joint-birthday party with his Grandma Sally's 50th birthday, so lots of family and friends showed up at Bille Park to celebrate. It would have been a wonderful day, but it was so HOT! With sweat dripping down our necks, we tried to enjoy the day. The kids seemed to have fun and found creative ways to stay cool together.

Kelly made two beautiful cakes- a Bumblebee Transformer cake for James and a very cute cake for Sally that matched the invitation I designed for her party perfectly! Jamse & Renton could hardl wait for a taste. As I heard Renton saying, "Mommy, I'm really ready for some cake now!"
"Happy birthday to you..." Time to blow out the candles! Brian, Renton, James, Keegan & Owen, all lined up & ready for lunch!All of the kids decided to lose their shirts for present-time! Great idea in the hot sun!Brian, Taylor & Elizabeth, trying to stay cool.Kelly & Todd brough these awesome mister-packs. James & Renton ran around misting everyone- they looked just like the Ghostbusters! It was hilarious!

Keegan, Owen & Charli found some ice to throw! Now that's cool thinking!
Poor Owen.... both of my kids practically had heat-stroke by the time we got home (the air conditioning is broken in my car right now...). I put Owen on the floor while I went back to the car to get James out. When I came back in, this is how he was laying on the livingroom floor! I stripped both boys, and despite their screaming, doused them both in lukewarm water, put them in clean underwear / diaper and put them in their beds. They were so wiped out- and so was I!