Thursday, July 24, 2008

Could it be?? My Baby is Two Today...

On this, the early morning of my youngest son's second birthday, I find myself feeling very sentimental and in disbelief. He couldn't be two already, could he? I really thought he'd be a baby forever....
Since he clearly insists on growing up and not remaining a baby forever, I thought, "At least I have the pictures." And here they are- my favorite photos of Owen, my baby, from the beginning:
The very last picture of me as a pregnant mother. This was less than 2-hours before Owen was born.
Seconds old.... and as fresh from God as they come.
Our very first family photo as a new family of four.

Owen Michael Behlke, 2 days old.

James & his brand-new brother

12 days old- one of my all-time favorite photos. There is just something so awesome and perfect about your new baby yawning. I can still almost smell his sweet newborn breath...

Tucking brother in

I always told Jason, "As long as they sleep with their hands about their heads or with their butts in the air, they are still babies."
They don't sleep like that anymore... boohoo!

See, Owen was a little chubby at one time! He's been skinny ever since just about this moment though... 20 days old
The first time your baby starts to smile for real is something a mom can never forget. All that cooing, singing, cuddling, and when they finally look up at you, not with the blank stare of a newborn, but with the smile of a baby, your heart just melts. Smiling and sitting up and breaking my heart because I have to go back to work. 10 - 11 weeks old. James always got a kick out of wearing matching jammies and clothes with his brother.
Another of my favorite photos of Owen as a baby. He was about 4 months old.

4 1/2 months old

After Owen got his first shots, James was fascinated by the band-aids on his legs where they'd given him the shots. I was putting laundry away in the bedroom and the boys were on my bed together when I noticed James had taken the band-aids off Owen's leg and placed them over his nipples! This kid has a sense of humor just like his mom...

Truly boys!

5 months old

Owen & Keegan hanging out on the infamour Elmo couch at Todd & Kelly's during a visit to their house in Reno- Feb. 2007

A troublemaker already, and at only 7 months old! This photo proves that Owen has been a fan of coloring on his face since the beginning. We thought it was so cute & funny at the time, but little did we know this was just the beginning for Owen...

Sitting up, pulling up & teething, Owen at 8 months old

If my kids have a phobia of Easter or bunnies someday, we will know why.

Meeting Alina, Owen's new baby cousin, for the very first time.

Smiling at mommy- 10 months old

Owen's first visit as a "big boy" to Sand Pond, one of our favorite places on earth. June 2007

Our baby is one! Owen's 1st birthday party- P.O.A. PoolStill a wobbly-walker, Owen poses with his big brother.

14 months old

On a walk with grandpa in Sierra City- Thanksgiving 2007

This was the point when we knew we were in real trouble with this child.....

Owen on crack...
Always the prankster, Owen thought it would be fun to get in the shower fully clothed, diaper and all, the second I turned my back. Sometimes I really miss the days when he was not yet mobile.... 18 months old and a total pest.
No longer the baby! Owen & baby Pagie

Cuddling on brother- 18 months old
All grown up- 22 months old
No more crib! Sleeping in the bottom bunk for the first time- May 2008
Owen was exhausted and probably had heat stroke after James' HOT 4th birthday party at Bille Park. I couldn't resist taking this picture of him after we got home! Poor guy!

Our 2-year-old... no longer a baby... but a big boy now!

My sweet Owen,

I'll love you forever,I'll like you for always,As long as I'm livingmy baby you'll be.