Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Escaping the Smoke with a Trip to the Mountains

We just couldn't handle the smoke in the air anymore, so the Kennedys and I decided to take our kids & head for the hills! We stayed with Holly & Andrew Winberry and had a blast spending time OUTSIDE breating the mostly fresh (much fresher than here!) air and hanging out.
Owen & Taylor showing off their moves on Holly & Anderw's deck.

Poor Taylor- he's got a head like his daddy's... he kept getting it stuck in-between things!

James & Paige

The boys decided to "tickle" Paige... more like smoosh her! Yikes!
We all hung out on the bridge to watch the mountain bikers jump off a huge ramp into the river. It was a great spot to watch from, but the kids all got sleepy & fell asleep all over us!
Sleepy little guys! Too much fun for one day!
Sleepy Taylor

This was our view from the bridge. I have never seen such a crown in Downieville before!! It was crazy!
The guys were doing flips & all kinds of crazy stuff off the ramp. The contest judges were all olympic medalists and famous mountain bikers. A local boy, Tyler Marshall (my parents' neighbor!)- age 17, won the whole competition for this 1 1/2 flip into the river! Yeah for locals!

What would a trip to Downieville be withouth going to Willoughbys?!?! We all loved our day on the beach, but Luke kind of ruined the scenery... Somehow all of his pants, shorts & underwear had not gotten packed, so he was forced to swim in a pair of my dad's old sweats-shorts... not a pretty sight!I love this shot of James in his beloved goggles... classic! I am so putting this in his wedding slide show someday!