Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Our 3rd weekend in a row in the mountains- I LOVE SUMMERTIME!!

Jason had the weekend off and he hasn't had much time in the mountains this summer, so we headed up to Sierra City yet again- the 3rd weekend in a row! I love being "free" in the summertime to take off & head to the mountains any time we feel like it. The boys love it too, they have a real connection with Sierra City & Downieville, which we love!
The boys on Grandma & Grandpa's front deck.
James buried in the sand at Sand Pond.

"C'mon, Jas, SMILE!"

My blonde-haired, blue eyed boy.

Just wading...

Our beautiful view from the shore at Sand Pond.

Silly guys!

All tuckered out.... Owen just couldn't take it anymore! Too sleepy!!