Wednesday, July 16, 2008

My Latest Craft: Our New Family Birthday Banner

James has been sick, so we've spent several days at home. While the kids were resting today I had the chance to make a fun project for Owen's upcoming 2nd birthday, as well as for use on all of Jame s& Owen's future birthdays! I've seen cute banners like this made usually from felt or fabric. I have tons of adorable scrapbook paper and my mom got me a Sihlouette Craft Cutter by Quick Cuts for my birthday a while ago, so I decided to make our banner out of paper and scrapbook ribbon. I tied the ribbons loosely so that I can change the age (right now it says, "Happy 2nd Brithday") for each birthday. I am also in the process of making flags that spell out the boys' names so I can tie those to the end so it can be personalized when it's their birthday.

It turned out very cute and Owen is very impressed that it is hanging up in our livingroom just for him. His birthday isn't until the 25th of this month, but he's so excited about the banner hanging up there, I think I'll leave it up until after his party!


jenni said...

very cool and cute that Owen feels that special!