Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Fourth of July- My favorite weekend in my favorite place!!

Our Fouth of July trip to Downieville this year was especially awesome because we had the Willoughby house all to ourselves. Willoughbys is one of our favorite places in the whole world and we spent every day lounging on the beach with friends. The kids collected rocks, fished & swam while we visited and lounged. It was heaven! There were also, of course, the traditional Downieville festivities of the parade, footraces and street dance, which were all a blast as well. My favorite pictures from our trip are below:
My boys and I enjoying the beach inthe morning before anyone else came down to swim.
Owen getting ready to go tubing!

James & Owen fishing on the river in the morning.

Adorable Tyler Foster giving me a sweet smile at the street dance!

My brother-in-law Joshey and I hangin' on the beach.

Aaron and adorable preggo Johnna- due with their little girl in October.

My girls and I- Michelle, Heather & Holly

After the parade, it is tradition to roll out huge rolls of bubble wrap and the whole crowd jumps on it to make popping firecracker-like sounds. Jake, Brooke & Slim even couldn't resist! It's a blast!
Holly, Jake, Brooke & I at the street dance

Holly and I supporting the Downieville Fire Department in our silly hats.

Having a drink with my girls... funny how we all wore black! Me, Tara, Michelle, Holly & Brooke

The crew at the street dance- Holly, Michelle, Tammy, Tara, Isis with Tyler and I.

James did great in the footraces! He cam in fourth, just behind Connor White. He thinks he won, of course, and is very proud! Owen actually came in second in his race, but we didn't get a good picture of it. He won a ribbon and a $2 bill and his name was in the paper too!
James & I after the race.

Our patriotic boy watching the parade in Downieville.

Isis and her adroable kids- Jordan & Tyler Foster.

James & Jordan enjoyed a messy treat during the parade!

Brooke & I jumping off the rocks at our favorite swimming hole.

James & Jordan, a couple of cutie-pies!

Little Tyler digging in the sand.

Austing & Aaron Foster hangin on the rocks, "getting a tan" as they told me.

The girls all went to the bar to get Tara a 30th birthday drink at the St. Charles' Place- Jenny, Isis, Brooke, Michelle, Tara, Amy & Heather.

Hangin' on the deck of the Willoughby's house getting ready to have dinner.

My mom & pop relaxing on the beach on the Fourth of July.

Happy 30th Birthday, Tara!!

My mom & Linda- love these ladies!