Sunday, November 23, 2008

Christmas Preview in Downtown Chico

Our first annual holiday tradition to kick off the official holiday season is to attend Christmas Preview in Downtown Chico. We love this event and have attended it every year since the boys were born. The streets are crowded with people and the shops are all open serving cookies and cider. Kids are dancing in all the store windows and T.J. Farms brings their beautiful horse-drawn carriage (which all the kids are convinced is Santa's sleigh). It is a very festive event and the boys and I love attending it with their Grandma Sally and friends. It's official- Christmastime is here!!!
Ok, so I know I am the meanest mom, ever, but I love, love, love this photo of Owen screaming on Santa's lap! He has been so excited about seeing Santa and has been saying his name non-stop. Isn't it just like a 2-year-old though to completely freeze up and scream when it comes down to actually seeing the big guy up close and personal?! It is part of being a kid, a rite-of-passage. We've all got to have the screaming picture with Santa, it just has to happen! Owen may end up with years of therapy to repair the damage done tonight when his mother forced him to sit on the lap of strange, a scary old man with a long white beard, but oh, it was so worth it for this classic photo!

See, Owen cheered up right away, so he's not too damaged. I think the candy cane helped...
James & Owen loved watching the kids dance in the shop windows.
Frosty the Snowman was giving out candy at Powell's Candy Shoppe downtown.

Giving his girl a kiss...

James was very impressed with the fire trucks and the nice fireman who let him climb inside!

Owen was quite the lady's-man tonight- first kissing Charli, now snuggling with Skyla! What a cute pose though!

Petting the police horse with grandma.

Charli, posing like a perfect princess.

The McGregor wagon saved the day- so did the dads who hauled it! Thanks Todd & Chad!


Kristin9204 said...

The Santa picture is SOOOOOO classic. You are going to look back on that when they are teenagers and just laugh. I have some crying ones where Kellen was crying and I am smiling. So funny. Last night was so fun.