Sunday, November 2, 2008


Our Halloween tradition:
Before picking kids up from day care, we trick-or-treat at a few houses in Kristin's neighborhood. This year we were so early that most people weren't home, but our kids enjoyed this "warm-up round" and it took the edge off their excitement a bit.

We then all pack into our cars and head to our house. We always like to stop by Bill & Joyve Finch's house so they can see the kids, and the kids love it because they give full-sized candy bars!!

Jason makes us a yummy dinner and we visited for a while until it got dark. The Finches and Donnell's usually join us, this year our neighbors, the Hollidays joined us as well with their new baby, Belle.

After dinner, we suit the kids up and hit the streets for some treats! WE LOVE HALLOWEEN!

The perfect match- Darth Vader & Little Red Riding Hood... Little Red Riding Hood sits with her friends, Darth Vader & Storm Trooper.
Brian the Wizard joined us for the evening trick-or-treating!

I even dressed up as Princess Laya to complete our Star Wars Halloween.