Sunday, November 2, 2008

"Fokey Bear"

James loves this bear. My brother, Jeremy, used to haul this bear around when we were little, so it's already a well-loved bear, tattered and worn. Whenever we're visitng my parent's house, James hauls "Fokey Bear" all over the place just like Jeremy used to. Jeremy originally named him "Smokey Bear," but he always struggled with his "S/F" sounds, so "Fokey Bear" stuck and it's what we call him to this day.

Last time we were up for a visit, James decided he needed to take Fokey home with us so he could sleep in his bunkbed with him. On the way home he asked me, "Mom, when we get home, can you get out your sewing machine and whip-up some clothes

for Fokey Bear to wear?"
Luckily, my mom saved me by buying Fokey a brand new pirate's outfit from the Build-A-Bear workshop and giving it to James this weekend. James, and Fokey, are thrilled with his new set of duds. Thanks, Grandma!