Sunday, November 16, 2008

Thanksgiving Celebration With Our Friends

Yesterday we held our first (hopefully annual) Thanksgiving Celebration with our friends. Chad and Kristin brought the turkey and Chad deep-fried it. This experience, being the first time any of us had given deep-frying a bird a try, was the focus of the day and most of my pictures ended up being of the turkey! What a wonderful day we had! The kids are all such good friends, the food was awesome and we all enjoyed being together all day.
I did get a few photos of the kids and our friends and I've included the highlights below:
I made these turkey shirts for Owen & James using their handprints. When I asked Owen to show me his shirt for a picture he yelled, "HAND!" Cute that he rememberd me tracing his hand to make the shirt!

Owen & Keegan- buddies! Keegan is a good friend to have, no one will mess with this mean little dude!
Keegan, Owen, Charli & Brian rocking, rocking, rocking...
One of the many turkey pictures- Chad & Kelly getting the bird ready.

Kristin & Charli- cute picture!

All the girls! Tara, Kristin, Sonya, Charli, me, Kelly

Time to take the bird out! Jason & Bob took it out of the hot oil- very, very carefully!A beautiful turkey!"Hmmmmm..... what so we do with it now?"

Best Buddies- James & Renton on the Harley. James got on the back, patted Renton on the head and said, "Ok Renton, I'll be the girl!"
Brian took Owen for a ride too!
Time to EAT!

My pretty Thanksgiving table.

Todd & Jason hit the buffet line!
The kids enjoyed the PIES the best!!!