Sunday, February 15, 2009

A Bag for my Friend

My friend DeAnna's birthday is this week. I saw some beautiful fabric on Jenni McCord's blog with a flower & dandilion pattern on it and it gave me the idea to make a tote for DeAnna. She is the owner & editor of Community Seeds and dandilions are kind of our "thing" so I couldn't resist. Every time DeAnna and I meet to work & visit, she is hauling tons of stuff- binders, notebooks, etc. I thought a binder-sized tote would be a great gift for her!

It was a good thought, but the project kind of went all wrong.

First, the fabric I wanted wasn't in stock, but they had something similar, so I got that. Then, I picked what I thought would be an easy pattern. It was mostly easy, but the handle didn't turn out like it was supposed to. Also, the interfacing I used wasn't stiff enough, so there's not enough structure to the bag.


I hate it when I work on a project for someone else and it doesn't turn out! If it's for me, no big deal, but I really wanted this to turn out nice!

I'm still going to give it to her because I think she'll like the fabric. She can use it as a beach tote or something.
I guess it's the thought that counts, right?
I also attempted to make a Klean Kanteen cozy for DeAnna to match her bag out of the scraps, failed project #2. I made the cozy too skinny and none of the scraps are big enough to make another. I didn't want to throw the cozy away, so I made it into a beer bottle cozy instead. It was the only thing skinny enough to fit in the falied cozy! Too bad DeAnna doesn't drink beer...


jenni said...

the bag still looks great! I am glad you were able to order that fabric but the stuff you got is pretty too!