Friday, February 13, 2009

Superbowl Party!

I know it was two weeks ago, but I'm just finding time to post a few older events, like Kelly & Russ' awesome Superbowl party! Russ is a HUGE Steeler's fan, so watching the game with him was a lot of fun. It was a small gathering, just the McGregors, Well, and the boys and I showed up, all with yummy snacks in tow. Micki & Rusty both stopped by for a little bit too. We ate, the boys played, and we all enjoyed a great game. The 3-D glasses for half-time were the biggest hit of the day, as you can see from the photos I took...
Brookie and James
Kelly G. with James & Renton
The hosts with the most- Kelly & Russ
The boys even got to make cookies!