Friday, February 13, 2009

James' First Written Words

James has been writing his name, Owen's name and a few other words for a long time. He can also copy anything I write or tell him if I recite letter-by-letter. Every day when I pick the kids up from day care Kristin sends a pile of the crafts they've worked on or colored that day. When I get home I always go through them and ask James all about his work.

Yesterday, I studied James' paper airplane for a while. Letters were written on it, but I couldn't tell what he was trying to make with them, so I asked him about them. "Oh, those are the words I wrote today by sounding them out all by myself," he told me.
This is new, and exciting for me, since I know this is a pre-reading stage. I am so proud of James and watching him grow and learn new things is ao amazing.
Here are his first written (sounded-out) words:
"KRISTIN" (kris*den)

"MONSTER" (mons*der)
"CAT" (pretty good, just backwards!)
"KAREN" (cer*n) -This is the name of Charli's imaginary friend.
"CAR" (cor)