Friday, February 13, 2009

A Snowy At-Home Day

WARNING: this is a very picture-heavy post. We had such fun today, I had to take lots of pictures!
We had a school holiday today (4-days off for President's Day), and it was a good thing! We have had so much snow, we wouldn't have been able to get to school anyway today. I went to bed at midnight last night and it wasn't snowing at all. I woke up at 7:00 a.m. to no power and 8 inches of fresh snow!
We had cleaned the whole house last night, so we had the day to just hang out at home. Since we had no heat, we hung out by the "fire" (indoor heater) and read books while we ate lunch.
The power came back on around 11:00, so we decided to make Valentine's Day cupcakes and cards for our neighbors. We live on a wonderful street and enjoy bringing treats to our neighbors whenever we get the chance.
Crafting cards
Decorating / Tasting cupcakes

Owen did more tasting than decorating, and his face proves it....
James made this adorable little "Jaba-the-Hut" snowman all by himself on our back porch.
We took a snowy walk around the neighborhood to deliver the cupcakes.
Owen all bundled up.
James making a snow angel- and trying not to get snow in his eyes!
Owen tasting the snow falling down from the sky.
James snacking on a snowball.
Me & my blue-eyed boy on our snow walk.
Our neighbor, Breezy, is so sweet and likes to come play with the boys in the snow.
Our house, all covered in snow!
Brothers sledding together.
Owen went straight down for a nap and James snuggled in with hot cocoa and popcorn for a movie. A perfect way to end a perfectly snowy at-home day!


jenni said...

what a great day!