Saturday, February 21, 2009

Some Recent Art & More Block Buildings

Dr. Seuss was born March 2, 1904- happy almost-birthday! Kristin made these Cat-in-the-Hat feet with the kids at day care recently. James' foot is the big one shown first and Owen's is below

This dinosaur picture James drew is hanging in my craft room. Aren't these just the cutest dinos you've ever seen?It is a big, long picture, so I had to take two shots to get it all.
James has been drawing these bright, very detailed pictures lately. He calls them "A Wonderland" and each one has an elaborate story that goes with it. This is our family in our house with a deer (Elliot, from Open Season) outside and a gingerbreadman cloud in the sky.
Always the little architect, James has been a bit of an engineer lately too. His most recent block buildings have been pretty impressive as far as the planning he puts into them. Each building below took many tries before he could build the whole thing without it collapsing. We can't believe he comes up wtih these difficult designs and is able to make them stay up without falling!